25 February 2014

Talented 4-Year-Old ‘Fashion Designer’ Makes Wonderful Dresses With Paper

Popular mommy blog Mommy Shorts recently did an interview with fellow blogger Angie, who has a 4-year-old daughter she has nicknamed Mayhem—unlike other toddlers, she has an unusually high interest in fashion.

About nine months ago, the mother-daughter duo started crafting dresses from construction paper, tissue paper, gift-wrap and anything else pliable that they could find around their home—the paper garments they create look incredibly well-made and even wearable.

According to Angie, Mayhem contributes significantly to the creative and production process—she helps to come up with ideas and is also hands-on with the necessary tearing, taping and gluing of the paper.

Inspiration for Mayhem’s wonderful paper dresses come from diverse sources, ranging from cartoons to red carpet award shows and reality TV series Project Runway.

Angie documents Mayhem’s dress-making adventures on her Instagram account, website and under the hashtag “#fashionbymayhem”—read a full interview with this creative mom over here.

Which of Mayhem’s dresses do you like the most?

[via Mommy Shorts]