28 February 2014

Heartwarming Photographs Of Inseparable Siblings Who Are 18 Years Apart

Hailing from Guangzhou, China, David Woo’s followers on Weibo—a Chinese microblogging site—skyrocketed after he started chronicling his outings with his younger sister.

His sister, Peipei, will be turning six this year—although there is an 18-year age gap between the siblings, they are very close.

Woo is a huge part of his younger sister’s life as they do everything together—a particularly adorable photograph shows Peipei trying to feed him a snack. They even celebrate Christmas and Halloween, with Woo dressing up as Santa Claus and Peipei pretending to be Chun Li from Street Fighter.

Peipei also enjoys taking photographs and even suggests different poses to make their pictures fun and interesting.

Isn’t it sweet that they get along so well?

Scroll down to see how they spend time together.

[via Rocket News 24]