27 February 2014

In Japan, Baskin Robbins Unveils An Adorable Set Of ‘Ice-Cream Dolls’

Baskin Robbins has unveiled an adorable set of “ice-cream dolls” to celebrate the “Doll Festival”, which is also known as “Hinamatsuri” in Japan. From early February to 3 March, a doll set will be on display in many Japanese homes as it is one of the nation's customs.

This delicious set resembles these traditional dolls and are arranged in a similar manner. They come in five flavors—Love in Berry, Nutty Cream Cheese Brownie, Love Struck Cheese Cake, Orange Sorbet, and Oreo Chocolate Mint.

They are available for about US$15, and will not be available after 3 March 2014—this coincides with the Japanese custom of keeping these doll sets in storage once the festival is over.

Isn’t this a fun way to celebrate the Japanese festival?

Scroll down to view more images of the set.

A collection of dolls that are displayed during the festival. Image by Shutterstock.

[via Kotaku and Gigazine]