26 February 2014

Artist Uses Cremated Human Remains To Paint Portraits Of The Dead

Missouri-based painter Adam Brown has found a new way for families and friends to remember their deceased loved ones—he uses their cremated remains to paint their portraits.

To create them, Brown mixes the ashes with paints, craft glues, and resins. Each painting takes up to 48 hours to create and can cost up to US$300 to $700, depending on the size and colors used.

“It hit me that having ashes in an urn on a fireplace would be a good way to remember that someone died, but having them in a piece of art is a good way of remembering that someone lived,” said Brown.

He also added that his portraits have been well received by people. “People that have the paintings love them; I’ve never had a bad response. It gives them that constant reminder of something they could look at, smile and say, ‘That person meant a lot to me’.”

To find out more about his portraits, please visit Brown’s website here.

What do you think of Brown’s ‘ash paintings’?

[via Oddity Central, images via Adam Brown]