26 February 2014

An Inspiring Poster That Lists '35 Ideas That Will Change Your Life'

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Click on image to enlarge

Writer, speaker and serial-entrepreneur Jonathan Fields is the founder of the “Good Life Project” or the GLP, an initiative that aims to help individuals and organizations “live well and give well”.

Consisting of a weekly web show and other programs, the GLP is based around the principles documented in the “Good Life Project Living Creed”, which has been made into a typographic poster.

This list of 35 ideas is meant to evolve over time and recently an updated 2.0 version was released—the featured ideas include tips for living the good life like “Ritualized the mundane to make room for the brilliant.” and “Build a tribe, people matter.”

Find out how you can get a poster of this life-changing creed here.

[via Good Life Project]