28 February 2014

A Spherical, 3D-Printed Version Of The Iconic Rubik’s Cube

When one thinks of mind-twisting puzzles, it is likely that they would think of the frustrating but fun Rubik’s Cube.

The Marusenko Sphere is a Spanish toy that may best be described as a round version of the iconic Rubik’s Cube—it consists of 54 pieces, nine types of movements and five levels of difficulty.

Produced using a EOS FORMIGA P 100 3D printer, it is made with no adhesive glues or small parts, so that it is safe for children as well.

Available in 10 striking color schemes, the goal is to solve the three-dimensional puzzle by aligning the various color blocks—you can purchase it online here.

If you are a fan of the classic Rubik’s Cube, would you like to try this updated, modern version of it?

[via The Creators Project]