26 February 2014

Brilliant Pop Art Posters Of Oscar Nominees

American Hustle by Jami Miles

We previously featured the posters of this year’s Oscar-nominated movies recreated with LEGO and Pixar characters. Now photography website Shutterstock has given them a brilliant pop art spin.

Its design team came up with 9 colorful and vibrant posters in the style of famous pop artists, from an Eduardo Paolozzi-inspired collage-style American Hustle poster and an Andy Warhol-esque poster for Nebraska, to a wacky bananas-in-space design for Gravity.

Check out the posters below and find out more about the design behind each poster here.

Nebraska by Cristin Burton

The Wolf of Wall Street by Jordan Roland

Dallas Buyers Club by Adriana Marin

Captain Philips by Rachael Polack

Her by Deanna Paquette

Gravity by Lily Ou

12 Years a Slave by Kathy Cho

Philomena by Philippe Intraligi

[via The Shutterstock Blog]