28 February 2014

Inspired By Vinyl Records, Designer Creates Retro Cover Art For New Albums

When countless songs are just a click of the “download” button away, it may be difficult to recall a time when the packaging and cover art of an album is as important as the music itself—but that was precisely the case with vinyl records.

To help music-lovers of today envision the beautiful visuals of a bygone musical era, Sao Paulo-based Brazilian designer Rodrigo Maia has embarked on an on-going project where he creates eye-catching cover art for contemporary albums that are inspired by the aesthetics of old jazz albums.

Titled “New Records, Old Covers”, this series is a homage to the striking graphic design of the Jazz age—these pieces feature bold and thoughtful use of typography and color.

Keep up with the project on its Tumblr page.

We think that these cover art would look just as good framed up on a wall as on the front of an album.

[via Design Work Life]