26 February 2014

Hilarious Video On 'How To Eat Sushi Like A Sensei'

[Click here to view the video in this article]

For all sushi fans out there, apparently many of us have been partaking of it the wrong way all this while.

FoodBeast, whom we have previously featured, went in search of the proper way of eating sushi at a local sushi joint in Orange County.

What they came up with is this hilarious instructional video on 'How To Eat Sushi Like A Sensei'.

It starts off with telling us what not to do, and then exemplifies it with the hilarious and messy ways people mangle their sushi before consuming them.

Here’s a summary of the Don’ts:

1. Don’t dunk on the base (the side with rice)

2. Don’t use chopsticks

3. Don’t pile on the wasabi

[via Food Beast]