26 February 2014

Amusing Photos Of Cute Pooches ‘Sitting’ In Mugs

Image by jgwonger

Inspired by a series of babies ‘sitting’ in mugs by Instagram user Ilana Wiles, dog owner Emily McCracken embarked on a similar series titled ‘muttmuggin’ featuring dogs posed in the same way.

The playful images show adorable dogs that appear to be peering curiously from the top of mugs, unaware that they are posing for funny portraits.

The series started out with McCracken’s photos of her own puppies and became more popular as other users started adding their own photos with the hashtag ‘#muttmuggin’. It’s a simple concept that requires no Photoshop–dog owners just need to get their pets to keep still, hold out a mug between the camera and their dog, and snap the picture.

For aspiring photographers, McCracken recommends having treats, a squeaky toy and a tennis ball on hand to command their dog’s attention.

Check out some funny shots below and follow the series here.

Image by mihonogi

Image by dextertheadventurer

Image by ifitwags

Image by ataleof2canines

Image by kun_kun_30

Image by muttadventures

[via My Modern Met and Instagram Blog, images via various Instagram users]