12 September 2012

7-11 Wants You To Vote For Your Favorite Presidential Candidate With Coffee

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To get customers excited about the upcoming 2012 Presidential Election, convenient store chain 7-11 will be organizing their own election campaign.

Called the ‘7-Election 2012’, customers will be presented with an Obama and Romney decorated coffee cup each time a cup of joe is purchased.

The customer had to choose one cup—which would represent a vote for the candidate in the election.

The company will be tallying the results and it can be viewed state-by-state on the company’s website.

To raise awareness for this campaign, 7-11 has collaborated with The Onion to produce short parody videos that feature previous US presidents—Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln—in which they encourage viewers to ‘vote’ in the 7-Election.

They will also be giving away free coffee on 28 September 2012—giving customers a free chance to vote!

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[via 7-11]