14 September 2012

If The ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Were Jedi Knights…

Australian-based artist and deviantArt user Q-Dog2099 has reimagined what the ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ would be like if they were Jedi knights from ‘Star Wars’.

In his series called‘Teenage Mutant Jedi Turtles’, he bestows the power of 'The Force' on the turtles—and equips them with their own unique light saber, modeled after their weapon of choice.

Would Darth Vader stand a chance against these hard-shelled, light saber wielding Jedi turtles?

Patient and studious, yet loving and kind, Donny is a perfect example of a paragon Jedi. He is an inventor and a tech wizard, yet he uses one of the most traditional weapons of all.

Mikey is a fun loving joker, and has not entirely embraced the purity of the Jedi path. He's more likely to be goofing off than studying. His attitude, however, is just a rebellion against his super strict training regime to use the deadliest and most dangerous weapon in the Jedi arsenal: The Light-chucks

Leonardo is a natural leader and as virtuous as a Jedi can be. Boring maybe? but he still can kick shell!

Raphael was always borderline Sith himself, his anger and fury overpowering all his other emotions, however he still fights for the side of right.

[via Q-Dog2099]