13 September 2012

A Smartphone That Turns Into A Tablet, Notebook and Desktop

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Most of us have a smartphone, tablet and a desktop—wouldn’t it be more convenient to combine all their functions into one single device?

California-based company Kosmaz Technologies is currently working on a smartphone that is able to do just that.

Called the ‘NexPhone’, it uses Ubuntu for the Android software that will allow it to function as a full desktop.

Users could connect a monitor and a keyboard to the NexPhone and it would be able provide a complete desktop solution with a full range of applications including office, web browsing, email, media and messaging.

The smartphone can also be docked to a tablet or laptop—replacing them with a single device.

According to the founder of Kosmaz Technologies, Emre Kosmaz, he believes that ‘smartphones are the future of PCs’ and people should have the option of carrying on device for all their communication, entertainment and work needs without having to worry about ‘synchronization of content or contacts’.

The company is currently raising money on crowd funding platform, Indiegogo, and they hope to create the first prototype sample phones and get ready for manufacturing.

Is this the future of smartphones?

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[via The NexPhone]