20 September 2012

Vimeo Introduces ‘Tip Jar’ To Help Video Creators Earn Money

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Online video site Vimeo has added a new feature to their site to help filmmakers and creators earn money from their videos.

The new feature is called ‘Tip Jar’ and it is exactly what it sounds like—viewers can show their appreciation for the video by ‘tipping’ the owner with any amount from USD$1 to $500.

According to a blog post, only Vimeo Plus and Pro members will get to enjoy this new service.

Tips received will be accrued throughout the month and transferred in one lump sum to owner’s PayPal account, minus a 15% service fee.

“A tip is the ultimate expression of appreciation, and the easiest and best way to support the creators you love,” said Vimeo, “With a tip, you’re not only telling a creator how important their work is to you, you’re also giving them the resource to make more of it.”

“Whether we’re viewers or creators, we’re all members of the Vimeo community, and we can help it thrive.”

Beside the Tip Jar feature, Vimeo will also be introducing a ‘pay-to-view’ service in the coming months—giving video creators a choice to charge for access to their videos.

What do you think of Vimeo’s latest features?

Watch the video below to find out more:

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