14 September 2012

Friskies To Hold ‘The Oscars’ For Internet Cat Videos

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We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again—we love internet cat videos!

To capitalize on the internet’s love for cat videos—Friskies will be holding a contest called ‘The Friskies’—an ‘Oscar Award’ for the best new internet cat video of 2012.

To take part, entrants simply submit an original cat video into one of the four categories: CATNESS—the essence of cat behavior; CATCOM—cats in humorous situations; CATVENTURE—an indoor cat on an adventure; or CATCH ALL—miscellaneous category for entries that don’t fit in the other categories.

Four category winners and one grand prizewinner will be selected by an independent panel of judges and online voting.

If you need some motivation to take part, Friskies will be awarding a prize of USD$15,000 to the grand winner, while the four category winners will stand a chance to win $2,500 each—not to mention a year's supply of cat food as well.

If you aren’t interested in taking part in the contest, you can always support Friskies’ cat donation drive—they will be donating 5 cans of cat food to one of 25 cat shelters for each entry, vote, like or share that they receive on their Facebook page.

The deadline to submit your original cat videos is before 12 October 2012.

For more information about ‘The Friskies’, please check out their website.

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[via The Friskies]