19 September 2012

The World’s First ‘Liliger’?

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We all know that a lion crossed with a tiger is called a ‘liger’—but what happens when you cross a lion and a liger?

Meet Kiara (we presumed its named after Simba’s daughter from ‘The Lion King’), the world’s first ‘liliger’—whose mom is a liger, dad is a lion.

According to ABC News, Kiara was born in August at the Novosibirsk Zoo in Siberia and is being kept in quarantine right now, but visitors might be able to see Kiara as early as October.

“This cub just started growing and developing, her character has not even formed yet. But I’m confident she will be a calm, confident, strong animal,” head of the zoo’s cat section Roza Solovyova told Reuters.

ABC News also reports that a domestic cat is currently raising Kiara because its mother is unable to produce enough milk to feed the growing baby cub.

We don’t know about you—but we certainly find Kiara extreme cute and adorable!

Meet Kiara by watching the video below:

[via ABC News]