17 September 2012

Photographer Captures Underwater Photos That Resemble Baroque Oil Paintings

In the dark depths, Kailua, Hawaii-based photographer Christy Lee Rogers creates underwater photography that resemble Baroque oil paintings without the help of Photoshop.

Her series of projects, titled ‘Reckless Unbound’, ‘Odyssey’ and ‘Siren’, captures people swirling around, wrapped in fluid fabric, in the darkness.

To achieve the black background that her subjects are surrounded in, Rogers shoots in swimming pools at night for two to four hours each time.

“The story of Odyssey exists in clumps of ideas and energy, griping emotions and the simplicity of truth beyond words,” she tells My Modern Metropolis.

“Like Homer’s epic odyssey, life is an exciting and tumultuous adventure filled with thrilling characters to meet along the way. But metaphorically, Odyssey is a much bigger story than that, where the attributes and abilities of mankind soar to an unseen, indescribable level.”

[via Christy Lee Rogers]