19 September 2012

Beauty Police Officer Insults Makeup Offenders

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Beauty brand Benefit Cosmetics unleashed faux fashion/beauty officer Sarah Colonna from Chelsea Lately, who busts unsuspecting pedestrians for makeup crimes.

Colonna travels on a Segway in a police uniform, and tells you off if she doesn’t like your make up—in the most insulting way she can.

“Look at your eyebrows, they look like McDonald’s arches,” she says to a passer-by, “Can I order a hamburger off your face?”

Victims are left in shock and with tickets.

The video by Portal A was created to represent the company’s core brand principle, “Laughter is the best cosmetic”.

“We’ve created a video as a new way to engage consumers,” Benefit told Mashable. “We want to make people laugh and stay fun.”

Does insulting potential customers work better than glossy aspirational ads?

[via Mashable]