13 September 2012

A Pop-Up Shop That Puts Eligible Men On Display For Women

They say dating can be complicated, especially in the modern world—but online French dating site a AdopteUnMec (AdoptAGuy) may have found a unique and creative way to pair potential couples together.

As part of a campaign to promote their online dating services, AdoptAGuy has opened a pop-up shop where men are literally the items that are available for ‘sale’.

The travelling shop will be opening in Paris for the next 10 days before heading to Brussels, Lausanna, Toulouse and Lyon—in which single men are displayed like action figures in human-sized toy boxes.

While on display, the men are allowed to show off their physique and talents to women—such as flexing their muscles or playing a guitar.

According to The Daily Mail, AdoptAGuy is a dating site that allows eligible men to ‘advertise’ themselves to women as potential partners and has been hugely popular since it launched in 2010.

The dating site is free for women and it contains a ‘catalog of eligible bachelors’.

[via The Daily Mail]