20 September 2012

Meet Norman, ‘Eco-Warrior Cat’ On A Mission To Save The Planet

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To promote grocery store chain Loblaw’s commitment to source 100% sustainable seafood by 2013, World Wildlife Fund Canada and Toronto-based ad agency John St. Advertising released a cute and light-hearted video commercial that features Norman, the eco-warrior cat.

Norman isn’t just your regular housecat, he works hard to save our planet and protect our oceans.

The ad ‘Norman: Eco-Warrior’ documents his efforts to live a more sustainable life.

Norman is seen: exploring into wind energy and solar power, switching to reusable bags, embracing a routine of strict energy-conservations, preserving water, up-cycling discarded items, and implementing a garbage sorting and recycling program in his home. And he only eats sustainably-sourced fish.

Check out how he accomplishes his mission everyday below:

[via World Wildlife Fund Canada]