19 September 2012

McDonald’s Introduces Asian-Style Noodles In Austria

Fast food giant McDonald’s will be branching out from their usual ‘burgers and fries’ with the introduction of Asian-style noodles in Austria.

According to the Herald Sun , from 20 September onwards, the company will be adding ‘McNoodles’ to Austrian outlets —which will be available for a trial period of two to three months.

“They could theoretically become a fixed item one day,” McDonald’s Austria spokesperson Ursula Riegler said.

The introduction follows another Asian trend recently adopted by the fast food giant in the alpine country: ‘bubble tea’—a milky black tea with tapioca balls that is widely popular in Asia.

The Washington Post reports that the McNoodles will be served with vegetables, chickens pieces mixed in a sweet and sour or curry flavored sauce.

It looks like McDonald’s is trying to break into newer markets—earlier this month, the company announced that they will be opening its first ever vegetarian outlet in India.

[via Herald Sun and The Washington Post]