12 September 2012

Turn Your iMac Into A Touchscreen

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China-based company TMDtouch has created an accessory that turns your iMac into a fully touch-enabled computer.

Called ‘Zorro Macsk’, by attaching the magnetic aluminum frame on top of your iMac’s screen and plugging in the USB cable, you would be able to use Apple’s built in multi-touch gestures (like on its laptop’s trackpads) with your fingers on your computer’s screen.

Instead of using a keyboard and mouse, users can scroll, swipe, click and pinch like on an iPad or iPhone.

Zorro Macsk uses infrared technology to sense touch input—users can also use a stylus on screen for better precision.

The touchscreen for iMac 21.5" can be used with Mac OS Lion, and Wndows 7 and 8, and can be purchased at US$199 on Amazon.

Check out the videos below to see it in action:

[via LumiaView]