13 September 2012

Marvel Kills Off ‘Professor X’

X-Men comic book character and leader of the superhero mutant team, Professor X, has been killed off.

In the latest issue of comic book ‘Avengers VS X-Men’, the telepathic, wheelchair-bound character known as Charles Xavier, gets killed by one of his very own X-Men, Cyclops.

“When we first crafted ‘Avengers VS X-Men’, we didn’t set out to kill any charactesr,” Axel Alonso, Marvel Entertainment’s editor-in-chief, said in a statement. “But as the story progressed it became obvious that this had to be the last stand of Charles Xavier.”

“Rest assured his death will reverberate across the Marvel Universe, leading into major launches like Uncanny Avengers and All-New X-Men this fall,” he added.

The follow-up issue of the dramatic storyline will be out on 3 October.

[via Reuters, image via Marvel]