13 September 2012

Apple’s iPhone 5 In The World of Art

Apple has changed lives all around the world, and profoundly influenced the way we use technology today.

To commemorate the brand’s launch of its latest smartphone—the iPhone 5—we picked out apple-related art from The Bazaar and, tongue-in-cheek, show you how this new technology gadget can stay relevant in the world of art.

There's no need to wait till September 21 to buy these beautiful pieces of art. Simply click on the images to buy.

“Apple is the new God.”

The Modern Religion
by Fiodor Sumkin

“Oh Apple, why did it take so long?”

by Briar Mark

“I told you. It's exactly like the leaks.”

‘As I Was Telling You’
by Jerzy Marek

“Rejoice! Let's meet under the apple tree!”

The Golden Age
by Lucas, the Elder Cranach

“Not yet, baby. Not yet.”

Lust, Legal Consequences of 11th Commandment
by Lincoln Seligman

“One apple, two of us. No way I'm sharing with you.”

The Apple-Table
by Ditz

“Ok, let's wait to see who the apple falls on.”

Pigs under the apple tree
by Liz Wright

“Cat to apples: So you think you are more popular than me on the Internet now?”

The Stair Cat
by Ditz

“Beware, sweet apple. Worms coming soon.”

Worm, 2006 (w/c on paper)
by Kestutis Kasparavici

“What a harvest! Imagine the fortune at the market!”

The Apple-barrow: Joseph Poorgrass wheeling a barrow of apples to Bathsheba's residence, from 'Far from the Madding Crowd'
by Ditz