20 September 2012

Playboy Ventures Away From ‘Bunnies’, Opens Exclusive Wine Club

It seems like the iconic men’s brand is venturing away from ‘Bunnies’ and moving into the wine business.

In its latest venture, Playboy Enterprises Inc. has announced the launched an exclusive club called the ‘Playboy Wine Club’.

Instead of the usual Playboy Bunnies, the club aims to provide a different and unique experience to their customers to enjoy wine as part of their lifestyle.

The club carries wine from around the world, with a full case, mail-ordered delivery program as well as an exclusive club membership—that will give members access to expertly curated bottles of wine.

“The Playboy lifestyle is about bringing the best the world has to offer to consumers,” CEO of Play Enterprises Scott Flanders said in a press release, “We carefully select a handful of wines that represent the essence of the Playboy brand—delightfully jovial, indulgent, and carefully crafted—while catering to the consumer’s desires to celebrate life and live it with a little style.”

Currently, the delivery program is currently available in selected states in the U.S.

Besides exclusive deals and loyalty programs, the Club also offers ‘exclusive’ wine tasting sessions and vinery tours to those who join the club.

We wonder if the Bunnies will be taking part in these ‘exclusive’ tours as well.

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