12 September 2012

‘Smart Bag’ Automatically And Wirelessly Charges Your Phone

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Chicago-based Elizabeth Ormesher has created a clutch purse that automatically charges your smartphone when the phone is placed inside—sans the frills of a power chord.

Called ‘Everpurse’, all users need to do is to drop their phones into the pouch for it to automatically start charging their device—without thinking of hooking it up to wires.

To recharge the purse’s built-in dock, users just have to place Everpurse on the charging mat that comes with it.

The charging dock in the purse is built inside an encasing, so even if you accidentally spill something in the bag, the dock is kept protected.

Currently, the product is seeking funding on Kickstarter.

Is this better than the bag that charges your mobile devices via a power chord?

[via Everpurse]