13 September 2012

The Bazaar Celebrates The Launch Of Apple’s iPhone 5

Apple has changed lives all around the world, and profoundly influenced the way we use technology today.

To commemorate the brand’s launch of its latest smartphone—the iPhone 5—we picked out artworks with apples from The Bazaar.

The Bazaar is an online marketplace to buy and sell creative objects.

These creative objects range from Lomography cameras to humorous prints by CollegeHumor and fine art prints by Leondardo da Vinci, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh and William Blake.

by Briar Mark

The Son of Man Icon, 2006 (digital)
by Thisisnotme

Illustration for the letter ‘A’ from ‘Apple Pie Alphabet’, published 1885 (colour litho)
by Kate Greenaway

Apple, 1992 (w/c & ink on paper)
by Julie Nicholls

Left-Hand Apple-Cat, 1995 (acrylic on panel)
by Ditz

‘As I Was Telling You’
by Jerzy Marek

Adam and Eve, 1608 (oil on panel)
by Hendrik Goltzius

Six Apples, 1996 (w/c on paper)
by Margaret Ann Eden

Apple Pickers, 1996 (oil on canvas)
by Critiana Angelini

Worm, 2006 (w/c on paper)
by Kestutis Kasparavici