18 September 2012

Video Reveals ‘Masturbation Problem’ On Cathay Pacific Flights

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Totally random, but we found this video by Next Media Animation TV that hilariously brings to our attention the ‘mile-high masturbation’ problem happening in the Cathay Pacific’s business class seats.

According to the video, they claim that Cathay Pacific designed their business class section to ‘accommodate perverts’ and it wasn’t uncommon to spot male passengers masturbating under their blankets once their seats have reclined.

The video also highlights ‘privacy screens’ that warns ‘self-pleasuring’ passengers of approaching eyes and how flight attendants would ignore pleas from other passengers to stop such activities.

The flight attendants would even hand out hot towels to male passengers to help them ‘clean up’ their dirty deed.

We aren’t sure if this video is true—but it’s certainly disgustingly hilarious!

Be sure to keep your eyes open (or shielded) if you are ever seated in Cathay Pacific’s business seats!

Click to watch the video below:

[via Next Media Animation TV]