12 September 2012

Milk Commercial Imagines Cats As Evil, Mind-Controlling Overlords

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Oh how we love cat videos!

UK milk company Cravendale has once again played on the internet’s love for cats with a follow-up video to their 2011 viral sensation ‘Cats With Thumbs’.

Created by ad agency Wieden + Kennedy London, the video introduces us to evil mastermind, ‘Bertrum Thumbcat’ and a legion of evil felines—as they plan to control our milk supply by ‘catnapping’ our milkmen and mind-controlling them.

The video ends with a kick-ass catch phrase, and links to Cravendale’s social media channels—including Bertrum Thumbcat’s Facebook page, that features an app for cats to join the revolution.

If you are a cat owner, you better watch out! They are plotting something evil!

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Cats with Thumbs

[via Cravendale]