15 September 2012

Top 10 Most Popular Stories over the Past Week

1) Infographic: The Ultimate Kitchen Cheat Sheet

Everest has created an infographic that doubles as a cheat sheet for those of us who spend a lot of time cooking in the kitchen.

2) A Toaster That Gives You The Weather Forecast On Your Morning Toast

Have you ever gotten drenched while travelling to work because you forgot to check the weather forecast before leaving the house?

3) Banksy’s Street Art Comes Alive As Animated GIFs

Drawing inspiration from the works produced by renowned street artist Banksy, Tumblr blog ‘Made By ABVH’ has recreated several of his iconic works—making them ‘come alive’ as animated GIFs.

4) Flowchart: How To Pick The Perfect Camera

Optics Central has created a flowchart that would help you pick the perfect camera for yourself.

5) McDonald’s Introduces Black And White Burgers In China

Fast-food giant McDonald’s has introduced a pair of black and white burgers in China—symbolizing the good and evil in Chinese politics.

6) Turn Your iMac Into A Touchscreen

China-based company TMDtouch has created an accessory that turns your iMac into a fully touch-enabled computer.

7) Controversial Condom Commercial Demonstrates ‘Sex Without The Mess’

To demonstrate the benefits of wearing a condom, condom mail order service One Pound Johnny Club, has made a ‘sticky mess’ in their latest promotional video.

8) The World’s First Real-Time Facebook Cover Photo

Slovakian digital agency Zaraguza has claimed to have created the world’s first real time Facebook cover photo.

9) Artist Draws New York From The View Of The Empire State Building

In a timelapse video entitled ‘Empire State of Pen’, London-based artist Patrick Vale draws by hand the skyline of downtown New York as seen from the Empire State Building.

10) eBay Debuts A New Logo

eBay has unveiled a new company logo—replacing its previous ‘floating’, overlapping letters with a more sleek and simple design in the same color scheme.

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