19 September 2012

‘Then-N-Now’ Video Shows How Technology Ruins Romance

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In a short film/music video, by US-based rapper Shing02 in collaboration with Brooklyn-based indie-rock/electric pop band The Attic Ends, shows how our chances may be inhibited by technology.

The video, entitled ‘then-n-how’, uses a split screen to portray “then” (the period of time before technology became integrated into our day-to-day lives) and “now” (when we can’t imagine leaving our houses without our smartphones, without feeling handicapped).

‘Then-n-now’ shows a love story about to happen when two strangers meet and spark a connection—but unfortunately in the current times (now), technology distracts us from these coincidences, and fate is unable to dabble in our lives for us to meet people we were supposed to.

Instead of connecting people, these gadgets isolate us from our immediate environment—tragically, hindering happenstances.

Is technology ruining romance?

Check out the somewhat-cheesy, yet realistic video below:

[via then-n-now]