19 September 2012

‘ATM’ Buys Back Your Old Gadgets, Gives Cash In Return

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With the iPhone 5 hitting stores in less than a day, many people are left wondering what they should do with their older phone models.

They could sell it back to Apple, but that is only applicable to iPhone users—what can non-Apple users do?

Introducing the ‘ecoATM’, an automated self-serving machine that evaluates and buys back used gadgets directly from the consumer for cash.

It is able to identify 4,000 different types of electronic gadgets, including mp3 devices, and detect damages to help determine how much the device is worth.

To use the ecoATM, simply place your device in the machine and a visual scan will be performed to identify the model. After which, the machine will provide you with a cable to connect your device to it for a final evaluation to determine the value.

Once you have confirmed its final price, you can choose to receive your cash or donate the money to a charity of your choosing.

Each phone deposited will either be given to a new owner or recycled to reclaim the materials.

ecoATMs are located in various locations across the U.S. and you find the closest one to you on their site.

In a press release, it was reported that the ecoATM will pay up to $250 for some phones—which is more than enough to buy an iPhone 5.

To find out more about the ecoATM and how it works, please watch the video below:

[via ecoATM]