14 September 2012

Lady Gaga Makes A Hair Wig That Literally Lights Up

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Famous music artist Lady Gaga, who’s prominent for her kitsch fashion sense, has debuted a wig that can literally light up—as one of the newest inventions from the Haus of Gaga.

The wig is made of a mixture of real human hair and the finest fiber optics, and was handmade by Frederic Aspiras, who has been working on it for over six months.

According to Gaga, the wig moves and feels like real hair, and was inspired by taking a Disney Princesses and putting her in a rave.

It is lit from the source of the wig, and plugged into a generator.

The light hair wig can also be plugged into the lighting board for Gaga’s shows, so that her lighting designer can control the lights of the wig—and Gaga can dance in it.

Will this be a new fashion trend?

[via Lady Gaga Official]