18 September 2012

Wizard Of Oz-Inspired Shoes That Will Guide You Home From Any Location

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Drawing inspiration from the popular children’s novel ‘The Wizard of Oz’, British designer Dominic Wilcox has designed a pair of Global Positioning System (GPS) shoes that will guide the wearer home from any location in the world.

Appropriately titled, ‘No Place Like Home’, the shoes are embedded with a GPS receiver and a ring of LED lights that will illuminate in the direction that the wearer needs to travel to get back home.

Just like Dorothy in the novel, the wearer would have to knock the heels together to start the GPS system.

The wearer would also have to input his or her destination into the shoe’s software via USB before the actual journey.

The shoes were made in collaboration with a local shoemaker Stamp Shoes and interactive art technologist Becky Stewart.

Watch the video below for more information:

[via Dominic Wilcox]