28 January 2014

A Cat-Themed Photography Book That Pokes Fun At Our Obsession With Cats

Katsumi, 2 years, Poitiers

She loves soy milk, maki shaped smileys and Cat’s Eyes. Since her stay in Shibuya last summer, she learned to make the V sign with her feet and always says “meow” in Japanese. “Nya!”

There is no doubt our fascination with cats runs deep, judging from the countless YouTube videos and Internet memes floating around. Now there is a photography book dedicated to cats that takes the mickey out of our obsession with these furry creatures.

Lolchats by French creative duo Barrere & Simon features amusing photos of cats dressed as various professions, such as a painter, rockstar, beauty queen, and politician. The cat portraits are accompanied by interesting personal backgrounds and humorous quotes attributed to the respective felines.

The book is available for £9.98 from Amazon France. Meanwhile, check out more wacky cat photos below.

Soufiane, 4 years, Marseille, rap and R&B producer

Ziva gives your language chat / You’re a bastard chuis angora / When you kiffais Sylvester / We kitties are p’tits matait (From the album Born in the gutter, 2011 Fel-1 records)

Paolo, 10, Chateauroux

He likes to paint models’ hair and soak hamsters in watercolor. He hates tapeworms and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

“Currently I am in my Fauve period”

Charles, 17, Clamart

“I dream of a world where all animals are free and equal in rights. A world where none of us would no longer be discriminated against because of the color of his coat or the shape of his nose. And no cat would have to rub his master. Freedom! Equality! Mash for all animals (except dogs)!” (Address to the Assembly of Cats, 9 February 2010)

Vinz, 5 years, Nantes

He loves strings and shots of Jack Daniels. He hates deworming and new wave.

“My greatest pride is my grandfather posing on the cover of the first Stray Cats”

Rachid & Momo, 7 and 9 years, La Grande Motte

They like kites, hot sand and naturism. They hate flea spray and Marc Levy.

“We met in Cap d’Agde in the 2000s”

Flavie, 3 years, the PACA region

She loves salmon croquettes and Lara Fabian. She does not like the shape of its bearings and hunger in the world.

“My dream? Swim with dolphins, even though I cannot swim”

Cover of Lolchats

[via Beautiful Decay, Aristide, Hey Dickface and Brain Magazine, images via Lolchats]