28 January 2014

Give These Dysfunctional Valentine’s Cards To People You ‘Hate To Love’

New York-based designers Eliza Cerdeiros and Lauren Machlica has come together to create a tongue-in-cheek collection of unconventional Valentine’s Day cards.

Named “Dysfunctional Valentines”, these pretty pink cards bear messages that one would not expect to find on a Valentine’s Day card—instead of warm and loving, most of them are lukewarm and passive-aggressive.

For instance, while one card simply states “You’ll do”, another informs its recipient that he or she is second to bacon on the sender’s “love list”.

If you would like to cut out the mushy sweetness this Valentine’s Day, and replace it with some sharp humor, you can purchase these dysfunctional cards here.

[via Dysfunctional Valentines]