30 January 2014

Sinister Illustrations Reveal The Dark Secrets Of Politicians

Istanbul-based ad agency Alaaddin Adworks has created a series of sinister illustrations for broadcast distributor Global Agency that expose the dark secrets of politicians.

Illustrated by Cömert Doğru and Şahin Karakoç, the print ads imagine the skeletons of world leaders revealed in shocking exposé style news headlines.

In one illustration, US President Barack Obama is depicted applying makeup during his morning routine to add color to his face. Another image shows German Chancellor Angela Merkel using a men’s urinal, while a third illustration shows former French President Nicolas Sarkozy putting on stilts to appear taller. The ads are emblazoned with the slogan “Even the breaking news can’t beat our ratings.”

Check out the rest of the ads below.

[via Dailybri and Advertolog, images via Advertolog]