29 January 2014

How To Use The Oxford Comma

The Oxford comma has been the subject of much debate recently, and has caused much confusion and consternation over its correct use. It is normally placed before the ‘and’ and ‘or’ in a sentence to separate a series of words. However, the little squiggle has stoked much discussion on whether it is really necessary.

Luckily, this infographic by Online Schools aims to clear the air and show you how to use this much-maligned punctuation mark. According to the infographic, consistency is key–either use it all the time, or don’t. It also provides reasons for its usage; it eliminates ambiguity and makes lists easier to understand, and against; it is redundant and takes up space.

Click the image below to view the full infographic and decide if you are for or against the Oxford comma.

Click to view enlarged version

[via Daily Infographic, image via Online Schools]