27 January 2014

Woman Born Without Fingers Creates Beautifully Intricate Jewelry

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British jeweler Annette Gabbedy who was born without fingers

British jeweler Annette Gabbedy was born fingerless but refused to let her lack of digits stop her from creating beautifully intricate jewelry.

In an interview with UK news outlet SWNS TV, she said she does not use any special tools to help her craft her precious gemstones and diamonds which are worth thousands of pounds, but adapts to normal jewelry-making equipment instead.

In fact, Gabbedy said she could not imagine carrying out her job with fingers as she feels that they “must get in the way”.

Watch the video interview below where she talks about her process and scroll down to view some of her exquisite creations.




Opal Delight

Pure Drop

Aquamarine Fan

Opal Bespoke

Tanzanite Treasure

[via Laughing Squid, SWNS TV and Nothing To Do With Arbroath, images via Annette Gabbedy, video via SWNS TV]