29 January 2014

A Micro-Cabin In The Woods That Is Small In Size But Big In Style

Finnish designer Robin Falck wanted to build a get-away cabin of his own in the woods—to avoid having to get a building permit, he limited the size of his house to under nine square meters.

The resulting structure—named “Nido”, which is Italian for “birds nest”—is of a lovely design with a huge window, which is angled in such a way so that it lets in abundant natural light. At night, it also provides the perfect frame for star-gazing.

The designer has managed to fit in a small kitchen, a lounge area and a loft bedroom on the second story—there is also an adjoining wooden patio for alfresco dining and barbeques.

The most amazing aspect of this beautiful little house is how it has been built by its owner in just two weeks—all the materials used in its construction are local, or recycled, and carried to the site by hand in order to keep the nature untouched.

View more images of the Nido micro-cabin below.

[via Robin Falck]