27 January 2014

Lively ‘Pet Lamps’ That Look Like Quirky Cats With Illuminated Heads

Based in Paris, designers Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Deygas of Kuntzel+Deygas are known for their creative use of animal characters and the lively forms of the objects they make.

For cat lovers, they have designed a series of lovable feline lamps—named MiCha—that captures the essence of the graceful, playful and curious animal.

Each of these lamps have been hand-made in France from laser-cut steel—the bodies of these lamps have been shaped into four cat positions, namely sitting, walking, baby sitting and arch back.

The head of the cat holds the bulb, which emits a soft ambient light—the long power cord serves to evoke the cat’s tail.

Find out more about these limited edition pet lamps over here.

[via Coolhunting]