28 January 2014

Designer Recreates Classic Movie Sets With Gorgeous 3D Models

Shangri-La Towers (Brazil, 1985)

Netherlands-based designer Siebe de Boer has taken his love of classic movie sets and turned them into beautiful 3D models.

Inspired by the unique architecture in films like Rear Window, Gattaca, and Brazil, he came up with a gorgeous collection of 3D rendered images depicting their iconic buildings and interiors. Some of his renderings are straight-up copies while others show different perspectives of familiar scenes.

In an interview with Creative Bloq, de Boer explains “These days, grandiose movie sets seem to fit no other purpose than to be blown up and/or generate as many lensflares as possible. Although there is still great design being done in movies, it is often inspired by the greats. So I wanted to look back to some of my personal favorites and rebuild them in the computer, to walk around in them, enjoy them and to study what made them so great.”

Scroll down to view his lovely images.

Rear Window, 1954

Jerome’s apartment (Gattaca, 1997)

War Room (Dr Strangelove, 1964)

War Room, Detail (Dr Strangelove, 1964)

[via Creative Bloq, images via Siebe de Boer]