27 January 2014

Amazingly Realistic Dog Sculptures Created From Bicycle Chains

Lola, Mutt

Israeli sculptress Nirit Levav Packer creates amazingly realistic dog sculptures out of bicycle parts.

Using bicycle chains, she fashions remarkably detailed sculptures of dog breeds such as Yorkshire Terriers, Beagles, Afghan Hounds, and Dalmatians that are just as cute and cuddly as their real life counterparts.

Check out her sculptures below.

Lady, Cocker Spaniel

Tosha, Pekingese

Shaggy, Beagle

Paris, Poodle

Princess, Afghan Hound

Billy, Siberian Husky Mix

Nikita, Dalmatian

Choo Choo and Baby Choo, Yorkshire Terriers

Maxine, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

[via Weezbo, images via Nirit Levav Packer]