27 January 2014

This Is Probably The Most Gruesome Wedding Cake You Will Ever See

Most wedding cakes are pretty, tiered buttercream and frosted confections, but one couple decided to do away with tradition and create their own unique cake for their wedding last year.

Texan couple David and Natalie Sideserf created an awesomely gruesome cake that literally takes the cake (pun intended) for being the most grisly one you will ever see. It features their severed, bloody heads on a platter with the words “Till Death Do Us Part”.

Natalie runs a specialty cake shop called Sidesurf Cake Studio, and showed off her amazing cake-making skills with this shocking creation that was bloody fantastic in every sense of the word. With the couple’s incredibly life-like visages and eerie vacant stares, their guests no doubt needed strong stomachs to dig into it.

Check out more pictures of the amazing cake below.

[via Design You Trust, images via Sideserf Cake Studio]