29 January 2014

Design Studio Revamps Common Ikea Cabinets Into ‘Affordable Luxuries’

Ikea is great for people who need to furnish homes on a tight budget, but this also means that it would be difficult to create a unique look with these standard furniture.

To help home-makers, who have good taste but not a lot of money, achieve the interior designs they desire, Swedish furniture company Superfront has come up with a solution.

It designs fronts, side panels, tops, legs and handles for all of Ikea’s Pax, Faktum and Besta cabinets that makes it possible for users to customize these mass-produced pieces.

According Sander Arts, one of the co-founders of Superfront, his company offers “flat-pack luxury”—their products allows for stylish alternatives to the ubiquitous Ikea cabinets.

Available in a range of tasteful colors and featuring eye-pleasing patterns, these cabinet parts can be mixed and matched to create countless combinations that gives Ikea’s affordable cabinets interesting personal touches.

If you are thinking of revamping your boring Ikea cabinet, you can find out more about Superfront here.

[via Trendland]