29 January 2014

Inspiring Lingerie Ad Features A Curvy Model Who Has Cancer

We have previously featured Aerie’s body-positive ads that feature women who have not been photoshopped. The Canadian lingerie company, Forever Yours, has recently launched an ad that also features an unconventional model—a curvy lady who has cancer.

Based in Vancouver, Elly Mayday was asked to model for the lingerie company last year for a Valentines’ Day shoot. “At the time, she was a size 14 and had a nice bust and a small waist and big, full hips and behind. We wanted to represent that look”, stated the company’s co-founder, Sonja Perkins.

Diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer last summer, Mayday did not let the disease prevent her from modeling and decided to continue her work with Forever Yours, despite Perkins’ reservations.

Perkins admitted that showing a model for who she is—scars and all—is unconventional in the lingerie industry as it is all about “long hair, big breasts, and arched backs”. However, this decision has paid off—the brand is getting a lot of attention on Facebook and Mayday’s page has 84,000 followers.

Mayday has also expressed her gratitude for the support the company and its customers have given her, and model herself is becoming an inspiring figure that many can relate to.

Does Elly Mayday inspired you as well?

Mayday sports green hair to support fellow women with ovarian cancer

Image by Aparte Photography

[via The Ethical Adman and ABC News]