28 January 2014

Hilarious ‘Break-Up Letters’ Designers Wrote To Products They Once Loved

Design and innovation consultancy firm Altitude conducted an interesting exercise with six designers at a recent design strategy session—the participants were asked to write a break-up letter to a product that they have once loved.

Led by senior strategist Mariah Levitt, each of the designers chose a once-cherished product that he or she no longer want to “be together with”—they ranged from Netflix to a blender.

The letters that came out of the exercise were funny and dramatically emotional—in one letter, the designer even confessed to having “cheated”.

According to Alanna Fincke—who is Vice President of marketing at Altitude and one of the participants at the session—the “Breakup Letter” exercise would help us to “better empathize with consume” and “can go a long way toward helping create a product that meets the consumers' ideal”.

Read more of these hilarious break-up letters over here—which product would you like to break up with right now?

[via Fast Co. Design]