27 January 2014

Ad Agency Designs And Makes Brochures Without Using Electricity

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The Leo Burnett agency in Lisbon was commissioned to create a brochure for the EDP Group’s Access to Energy (A2E) campaign, which aims to bring electricity to communities in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Amazon.

This campaign also sought to show that many developed countries waste electricity, so the creative team challenged themselves by designing a brochure without using any energy.

These creatives started off by drawing the designs for the brochure by hand, using sunlight to backlight the drawings so that they can be taped together.

Paper was made, pressed and dried, and the two colors of the brochure were printed manually on the paper. The last step was perhaps the easiest—folding these brochures by hand.

Even the process was documented without electricity—film cameras were used, and the amount of effort put in can be seen in the video.

This project may be tedious, but it certainly highlights how important electricity is in our lives, and that we should not take it for granted.

Watch how this task was accomplished in the video below.

[via Yatzer]