29 January 2014

UK Magazine ‘Copies’ Boston Magazine’s Commemorative Marathon Cover

A comparison of both covers.

Last year, Boston magazine commemorated the tragedy of the marathon’s disaster with a cover that featured carefully arranged running shoes that formed a heart.

Accompanied by a slogan that said, “We will finish the race”, the cover soon became a worldwide icon of hope, with the editor John Wolfson thanking everyone and explaining the story behind the image.

Copies of this poster were printed, raising about US$125,000 for the charity One Fund, which was created to help those affected by the bombing.

By the same token, UK magazine The Bath has “copied” this iconic cover in a similar fashion to show support for the runners in Bath.

Many people noticed the similarities between these two covers, and accused The Bath of plagiarism, deeming the cover insensitive and offensive.

The UK publication has since apologized, which has generated more vitriol.

Boston magazine has also issued a response to this debacle, and has suggested that the British publication make a donation to the charity to help victims of this attack.

What do you think—could this incident be handled in a more constructive way?

[via BostInno]