28 January 2014

Unusual Self-Portraits Of A Woman Confronting Different Versions Of Herself

German photographer Cornelia Hediger’s intriguing photo series ‘Doppelgänger’ has her confronting different versions of herself.

To create this series, Hediger took different pictures in her apartment and put them together in a grid. Occasionally, she would rearrange the furniture and give the walls a new coat of paint, creating slight differences in each shot.

When put together, these disparate images allowed her to distort her body and split herself up to show the various aspects of her personality.

Hediger’s work is exploratory in nature, allowing her to understand both her conscious and unconscious mind as well as confront inner conflicts—she stated that her work is a “visual diary”, with the series being a reflection on what she has experienced in life.

It is indeed apt that her series is named ‘Doppelgänger’—often interpreted as a bad omen and a harbinger of misfortune, these photographs allow Hedinger to re-examine herself and perhaps purge the negative thoughts in her head.

[via Beautiful/Decay and Feature Shoot]